Where Can I enroll?


Course Inclusions

Filipino Amazon Masterclass

Can I enroll even if I live outside PH?

Yes. It doesn’t matter where you are or where I am, what matters is that you have the skills and capabilities of an Amazon FBA Entrepreneur and that you need the guidance and training to get started. This course is entirely virtual so as long as you can read and write English and understand what is needed then you are eligible for the course. The course is designed for English speaking/writing entrepreneurs, irrespective of their location.

Is it exclusive for Filipinos?

Yes, as our content is in Filipino-English language.

Course Duration

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course will start on June 4. We will have our welcome webinar by 9PM.
There are 50 topics in 10 modules to watch with assignments to complete. It is anticipated that approximately 10 hours a week will be required to take the course.

Course Expiration

Does my access to the course expire?
No, you have a lifetime access to the course.

Course Price

How much is the course fee?
You can learn more about our offer here - https://amazonationph.com/fam

Let us know if you have any questions.

Course Upgrade

After a few weeks/months, is it possible to upgrade to FAM Inner Circle?
Yes, just email us at [email protected] and you will need to pay an upgrade fee of PHP 30,000.

Course Access

How do I access the course once I buy it?

Filipino Amazon Masterclass is hosted by a private course website - Thinkific. If paying in FULL via Paypal or Credit Card, you will receive your login credentials via email from Thinkific. If paying via Paypal Installment OR bank deposit/transfer, email us a copy of your proof of payment at admin@amazonationph.com and wait for our confirmation within 48 Business Hours.

P.s. Please always check your Spam Folder

Community Access

How will I be added to our Exclusive Facebook Community?

After payment, please email us a copy of your proof of payment at admin@amazonationph.com and wait for our instructions on how you can be added to our Exclusive Facebook Group.

Exclusive Facebook Community

What are the happenings inside our Exclusive Facebook Community?

FAM Facebook Group was created 2 years ago, so a lot is happening inside. You will meet different Filipino Amazon Sellers inside our exclusive group. If you have questions/clarifications regarding an Amazon task, feel free to post there and you’ll be surprised that many Filipino Amazon Sellers will respond to your question.

Access to Founder Lish Aquino

Do I have any access to Founder and Head Coach Lish Aquino?

Yes, I will host Q&A Webinars every month. I also respond to Facebook Group Questions.

No Experience

I don’t have any experience in business, I don’t have an eCommerce background, can I still take this course?

If that’s the case, the Filipino Amazon Masterclass is perfect for you.

I’ve designed this course to be an A-Z Roadmap for complete beginners. If you don’t have any past business experience, eCommerce related skill and technical knowledge, this will still work for you.

That’s the entire reason why we continuously update our video content inside our Masterclass. It’s to help you go from newbie to an Amazon Seller in Short Weeks.

Everything --- from where to click, who to talk to, what to do --- will be taught and discussed. No stones are left unturned.

Can I do this while I have a Fulltime Job?

Yes and you do not need to quit your full time job to get started and I would not advise it, unless you have some other income stream and were able to do without your current salary for a period of time.

If you want to help, why not make it free?

In the past, I've helped and mentored a lot without asking anything in return but I feel that my effort is wasted because they did not put their learnings in good use.
That being said, it made me believe that most people don't value the things/services they get for free.

It will also filter who is really interested and who will take action.
We help by leveraging our services to those who are enrolled in our course.
We also help those who are not enrolled by providing free mini courses.

How much capital do I need to start?

Outside of the enrollment fee P75,000 or P45,000. I encourage you to start with no less than P100,000.00. With this amount, you'll be able to buy products to sell and cover the shipping & handling to Amazon's warehouse.

After you start selling, you must re-invest your earnings to keep the ball rolling. Like what I said, you must be willing to sacrifice in the first few months before reaping the fruits of your labor.

When will the mentoring start? How long will you guide me?

The first LIVE session will start on June 4, 9PM. I will send you email instructions on how to join the first live group coaching.
The mentoring will start right after the first live group coaching call.

Now, the guidance...

After the training, I'm still going to answer your questions... This is your primary advantage because you will get exclusive access to our Facebook Group.
Do you need advice on how to scale your business? Sure, I'm happy to help.

Not sure how to automate your business and delegate your tasks? Let me give you my proven blueprint that I've built through the years.

Want to generate passive income without working more? I have a full roster of Virtual Assistants (who live and breath Amazon) willing to work for you.
If all this sounds good to you, apply for my mentorship program today.

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