How To Become An
In demand, Highly-Paid
Amazon Virtual Assistant

In Just 8 Weeks

This is the only place where I share my most advanced training on how to become a highly-paid Amazon Virtual Assistant.

PLUS, foolproof strategies on Amazon Seller management and actual proposals that got my students their first jobs...

In this training, you’ll learn how to:

  • Find high-value clients who are delighted to pay
  • What it takes to move up the value chain and charge 2x, 5x, or even 10x more than your competition and still get the job
  • Serve more clients while increasing your work-life balance, including the exact techniques I’ve used to go from Amazon VA to Amazon business owner that generates 7 digits per month

"I’m Charlie 27 years old. I’m an Amazon VA for 5 clients. I have 4 clients doing private label and 1 doing online arbitrage. My schedule is flexible for all my clients which is a big plus for me. I feel like I’ve achieved the time freedom that I’ve wanted since I started working. People are honestly shocked when I tell them I have 5 clients. They ask me if I still have time to sleep or do anything. And honestly, even if I am super busy, I do not really mind because I actually love what I do. My clients are all very kind and treated me like an equal. Never the boss-employee that I’ve experience before. And I always make sure to dedicate at least 1-2 hours after waking up for my “power hour”.

I was already working from home even before joining ASVA. I had 2 clients back then and 1 was under an agency. I was extremely underpaid and micromanaged. I felt so demotivated to login everyday.

I was in the all or nothing mindset. I told myself that it was a good investment as a newbie to have a coach that I can ask questions to.

It was great! I got to meet A LOT of inspiring and like-minded people. The community is what I really love about the program. Everyone was cheering for everyone. None of that crab mentality BS. Also, the course gave a really good blueprint of the whole process of Amazon private label. I was not stuck or confused on which process to learn about first.

I got a lot of confidence in applying and was able to negotiate my working hours and my rate.

Charlie Villablanca

"Hi I am Romer Almacen, from Consolacion, Cebu. I am working as Sales Consultant to an Automotive Company and at same time virtual assistant to Amazon Seller clients.

Because of the pandemic, pinahinto po ako sa duty. Kaya during pandemic wala po akong trabaho and income. Which is napaka hirap for me kasi nag rerent lang kami ng apartment kasama aking Nanay. Nakita ko yung Vlog ni Ms Nikki, and nag ka interest po ako agad sa pagiging Amazon VA. Pero hesitant pa ako that time kasi nga gipit din sa budget. After 1 week nakita ko po yung post ni Ms Lish, after watching her first Amazon Live na inspire po ako sa journey niya and sa mga success stories ng ilang Amazon VA. Kaya naka pag decide po ako agad na mag enroll sa masterclass niya.

It’s totally life changing, that until now I am much overwhelmed and happy. Also thankful to my batchmate and to the community for guiding us until we land our first client.

I never thought to be able to work effectively from home and support my family during this pandemic time."

Romer Almacen

"I work as a general VA in a veterinary hospital located in San Francisco, California. I also manage a small business called Saint Nicholas Maritime Review & Coffee House - Davao Branch.

Our business was affected by the pandemic. That’s why I look for an online job that can help us survive in these trying times.

I enrolled last June 25. Enrolling in ASVA masterclass was never part of our budget. It’s really an abrupt decision not knowing what the result would be. I put my trust on the testimonies of previous batches.

The module is very informative and the coaches were very welcoming. The ASVA community is full of relevant information. I am amazed how the members helped each other and inspiring us with their wins.

There are plenty of testimonies and advice from members that helped me in landing my first client.”

Leif Marvin

"I am Anjelo Maquinay. Currently a 3rd year Industrial Engineering student.

When we had financial problems in our family. It came up to my mind that I need to do something to help them even if I’m studying, so I looked for a job online and then watched vlogs about freelancing. Then one time, I went to Ate Nikki B’s channel to watch something about how to ace a client and then I saw her video about interviewing Faye, an Amazon VA who was able to earn almost Php 80k a month. With that, I was brought to visit ASVA Masterclass website and then I immediately borrowed money from my friend, as I saw a big opportunity in this field.

I learned to dream bigger for myself as I think that this would be a great opportunity for me and for my family to improve our financial status. As I watched the videos, I felt excited to immediately apply for a job as I now have knowledge on how to do Amazon works.”

Anjelo Maquinay

"Hello I’m Angeline currently working here in Saudi Arabia for almost 8years as a Derma Nurse and a part timer of Amazon Virtual Assistant for 3 weeks and counting.

I decide to make the transition to work from home when we decide to bring our daugther back to the Philippines. I want to be with her all the time and still earning at the same time. Dati hindi ko maigive up tong work ko kasi iniisip ko ung future ng family namen. Wala akong choice kundi tahakin ang pagiging OFW as we all know di ganun kalaki ang sweldo ng isang nurse sa Pinas. Kahit gusto ko nang magfor good dati, i cannot kasi marami kaming pangarap ng asawa ko para sa family namen at lalo n baby namin.

Pero ngayun dahil sa ASVA nagkaroon ako ng confident na magfor good sa Pinas, na kahit work from home lang ako mafufullfill ko padin yung needs ng family ko and ang pinakamasarap dun magkakasama kme. (Soon to happen palang ito kasi under contract pako.. malaki babayaran ko pag nagbreach of contract ako :joy:)

Nasa Dyos ang awa, Nasa tao ang gawa. Take an action! Ang Asva isa a guide pero, Walang makakatulong sayo kundi ang sarili mo.

Kung gusto mo talaga may paraan. Dont hesistate to invest lalo na kong sa tingin mo makakatulong sayu yong gagawin mo. Always Pray and take an action.”

Angeline Mejia

In 2012, I finally started earning ₱100,000 per month as an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

I no longer had to endure traffic, stressful deadlines, and toxic work environments.

I was at home, earning 300% more money, working anytime I want while being close to my new born son, David.

If you read this entire page, I'll show you how to do the same...

In 2012, I was working for ten clients.

Looking back, I didn’t know how I survived it. I mean, you had to communicate with 10 people. Solve all their problems. Manage their businesses. Not to mention provide customer support to all their customers. I had to work 10-14 hours per day. And to me, that was it. If I wanted to make ₱100,000 per month, this was the price.

This was my mindset until I heard of Filipino VAs making ₱100,000 per month while only working with 2-3 clients. This amazed me. And also made me jealous...

How did they do it?

What do they have that I don’t?

Was it skills?

Was it experience?

Maybe they're just well connected?

When I dug deeper, I found out that wasn't the case. Some of them only started within a year. And they're already making ₱100K per month while only working 4 to 6 hours per day.

So what did they do?


Once you become a specialist, you’ll find clients who will treat you with respect, help you grow, and reward you financially.

Not only that, but you’ll also receive health benefits, paid vacation leave, incentives (like free laptops & gadgets) and yearly bonuses.

If you’re here, I’m guessing that’s what you want, right?


Most Filipino Virtual Assistants
HESITATE to Specialize...

This is good news for you! Your competition is immediately cut into half by simply deciding to specialize.

Now, I know what you might be thinking...

"There are a lot of Filipino VAs who are more experienced, more skilled, and mas magaling mag English sa akin"

"Ano ang panama ko sa kanila? "

"Wala ata akong karapatan mag specialize."

This was also my concern when I started in 2010. So I completely understand you.

But think of the alternative...

If you don't specialize, what will happen? You'll be stuck at $3/hr forever.

Tataas na lang ang bilihin, ang income mo the same pa rin. Mas mabuti pang maging empleyado ka na lang. At least doon, may salary increase within 12-18 months. Mabagal pero sure, di ba?

If you specialize? You'll get to charge more... Your competition will lessen... Most importantly, you can earn a lot more while doing less.

That's the goal, right?

So what should you fear more? What others might think? Or getting stuck at $3/hr forever?

I think you already know the answer to that question...

Now, if you want to specialize, I want to help you.

During my slow and painful transition, I realized there were 3 KEY STEPS that helped me increased my rate as a virtual assistant.

These 3 steps helped me go from $3/hr to $15/hr in just a few weeks.

In this page, I'm going to share them with you...

3 Steps To Become a Highly-Paid Virtual Assistant and Attract Clients Willing to Pay You High Fees

Change Your Mindset
Focus on Value and ROI

There are more than 100,000 Filipino VAs in the Philippines. All of them want the same thing as you --- get a client and make 6-figures per month.

Since you're competing with literally hundreds of VAs, how can you be noticed? How can you stand out? How can you make sure clients choose you?

If you think it's enough to be smarter, more skilled, or more experienced...


Business owners DO NOT care about you, your credentials, or how long you've been working.

What your future employers care about is VALUE...

Can you become a valuable part of their team?

Can you help their business grow?

In other words, can you give value into their lives?

If you can and you can PROVE it, then your chances of getting hired increases exponentially.

Sounds simple, right? But you'll be shocked by how many VAs don't realize this.

They don't focus on the client. They focus on beating other VAs to get the job. They're so focused on getting certified...learning new skills...and mastering tools.

Sure, investing in your skills is great. But these skills should help your clients' business grow. Otherwise, it's a waste of time.

Another thing...

One of the ways to provide MASSIVE VALUE is to help them solve their problems and achieve their goals. Not many VAs do that. They aren't concerned with their clients' motivations. They just want to get paid.

So what will happen if you actually start asking?

You will stand out. You will become unique. Most importantly, you won't be treated as a commodity or expense. You'll be seen as an investment. You're a person that not only wants the business to succeed, but also help them improve their lives.

That's why clients will be more than happy to pay you $5/hr... $10/hr...$25/hr... or more.

Remember, to be a good investment, you must ALWAYS provide value --- alright?

Once you do this, go to step #2...

Learn How to Negotiate
and Justify Your Fees

You were noticed. A business owner contacted you. He interviews you. The call went great and you like working with each other.

But the discussion about compensation began. You told them you're worth $5/hr and they say...

"Why? The other freelancer is willing to do the exact same job for only $2/hr."


So what do they do? They negotiate. After all, they like you. They really want to work with you. And you feel the same.

But they can't afford your rates. What do you do?

If you're the average freelancer, you're going to accept their lower offer. You have to "pay your dues" first...right? You have to build your portfolio first, gain experience, and generate reviews BEFORE charging higher.


I've mentored VAs who skipped this "pay your dues" phase. They charged $5/hr off the bat. And anyone who didn't agree? They refused to work with them.

Here's why:

If you lower your rates, it will become a race to the bottom...

You lower your rates...and then your competition does it...and you lower yours again...

...and the next thing you know you're only earning $1.5/hr for the past 6 months.

You win the job alright. But you're overworked, underappreciated and criminally underpaid.

Don't do that to yourself.

Establish your value. Educate them if you can. Explain why you're worth $5/hr.

Better yet, ATTRACT clients who already know you're worth. That's easier to do.

Now, how do you ATTRACT clients who are more than happy to pay you high fees? Take step #3...

Get Results, Experience,
and Testimonials as a Specialist

Imagine a marketing supervisor quit after 2 years and then became a teacher. After 3 years, he quit again and became an IT specialist.

Can you expect this person to earn 6-figures per month?

Of course, not. He worked in 3 different, unrelated fields in 5 years. If you're an HR, you would think twice to hire this man. This is despite having years experience, am I right?

That’s the same with being a VA.

How can you expect business owners to pay you high fees if your work experience looks like this:

  • Data encoder for 3 months
  • Real Estate VA for 6 months
  • Podcast VA for 8 months
  • Clickfunnels VA for 2 months

This sends business owners a wrong message. This says "this VA hasn't mastered a skill or platform yet." In their minds, you're immediately seen as a "general VA." Business owners will only hire you to do low-priority tasks. Since it's low-priority, your salary will be low as well.

That's why you should pick who you work with. If you want to become an Amazon VA, only work with Amazon Sellers. If you want to become a Lead Gen VA, work with entrepreneurs who have multiple offers. If you want to be an e-commerce VA, work with Shopify and Woocommerce owners.

Business owners don’t want a jack-of-all-trades.

You must become a PROVEN specialist (I'll show you how later).

Because specialization breeds expertise...and expertise breeds excellence...and excellence breeds opportunity...and opportunity breeds money. And every business owner wants to generate more money, right?

VAs with specializations are MORE VALUABLE (& are paid higher) compared to more experienced, more skilled, and more intelligent VAs.

Remember that. If you take all these 3 steps, there is no question in my mind you'll attract high-paying clients and be on your way to become a 6-figure freelancer.

That's why I created a masterclass specifically for aspiring Amazon VAs.

I know what it takes to SPECIALIZE in this field. More importantly, I can teach these 3 steps (and a few more advanced steps) in my sleep.

If you want to become a Virtual Assistant that specializes on Amazon, you need to read the rest of this page because...

I Want to Help You
Accelerate Your Skills and
Give you On-The-Job Experience

Wanna know why?

It's because Amazon Seller Central is not easy to use. Most importantly, Amazon is strict and has a one-ban policy. If you make one mistake, your client's business crumbles.

That's why Amazon Sellers don't just hire anyone. They only hire specialists who know how to navigate through Amazon, knows their rules by heart, and are quick to adapt (since Amazon updates their policies every year).

You must know...

  • Amazon's complicated systems inside and out...
  • How to drive maximum sales using a listing...
  • How to perform customer support in one of the strictest eCommerce stores online...
  • How to find products that sell like hot cakes...
  • How to manage overseas delivery...
  • and so much more!

Once you master all this? It becomes easy. The high-level tasks are repetitive. And since repetition breeds mastery...and mastery breeds expertise, you can become a highly-paid Amazon VA within months!

You’ll not only be a highly valuable asset...

You’ll become a Rare, In-Demand, Sought-After eCommerce Expert

And if you decide to start selling on Amazon (like I did), it will be the smoothest and most profitable transition you'll ever experience.


If you want to become an Amazon VA who...

  • continually works with high-paying clients...
  • becomes a highly-valued asset in any online business you join...
  • and finally double or triple your earnings per month...

...then you have to join...

This is an Amazon VA training program created by a Filipina for Filipinos.

I created this masterclass specifically for:

(1) Filipinos who want to work from home --- I want to help employees take back their freedom. Give them EVERYTHING they need to find a better paying online job and FINALLY QUIT their corporate job --- avoiding heavy traffic, from toxic work environments, and stressful co-workers, bosses, & superiors.

(2) Filipinos who want to have more time with their family. I want to help Filipinos who value their family above all else. I want to help you get a high-paying job with flexible work schedules so you can be with your family anytime, anywhere.

(3) Filipinos who want to FINALLY find a highly-paying online job. Whether you're a newbie or already an experienced VA, I want to teach you skills that will 2X, 3X, and maybe even 5X your monthly income. These are valuable skills you can use 10-20 years from now. PLUS, client attract strategies that will help you fully-booked quickly.

In this masterclass, you'll discover a tested-and-proven path to become a highly-paid Amazon VA here in the Philippines. This is a rigorous, in-depth, no-holds-barred program I created to make you an Amazon expert FAST!

No theories. No guesses. No estimations.

Everything you'll learn is based on my 8 years experience working as an Amazon Virtual Assistant and 4 years as an Amazon FBA Seller. So I know what it takes to get hired. And I know the qualifications Amazon Sellers are looking for when they're looking for a VA.

There are no stones left unturned. If you join ASVA Masterclass, I will download everything I know into your brain... you'll have a step-by-step guide to go from zero to having a fulfilling freelance career.

Once you join, you'll get instant access to.


12 Month Access to the
Premium Amazon Seller VA Training

This is your A-Z guide to become a skilled, in-demand, and complete Amazon Seller VA fast.

Once you’ve gone through this training, you’ll have the mindset, skill set and confidence to charge premium fees.

Here's what you'll learn inside the training:

  • Roles of a VA to an Amazon Seller
  • Amazon Seller Central Dashboard Overview
  • The Different Parts of a Product Listing
  • Basic Amazon Product Research
  • How to Execute Keyword Research
  • Supplier Sourcing Basics for VAs
  • Product Listing Overview
  • Basic Listing Creation
  • Overview of Shipping to Amazon Warehouse
  • Shipping Plan Creation
  • Amazon Sponsored Ads Overview
  • Setting Up an Automatic Campaign
  • Setting Up a Manual Campaign
  • Managing Buyer - Seller Messages
  • Managing Seller Feedback
  • Managing Product Review
  • Managing Customer Order
  • Inventory Management
That’s not all the training you’ll receive...

You’ll also receive:


One Year Access to Monthly Webinar Training

Every month, we will conduct a webinar training EXCLUSIVE to students.

We’re adding this because we want you to stay updated, we want to help you upgrade your skills and continue improving

Here’s what you can expect to learn from the upcoming webinars:

  • What are the New Amazon Updates, Policies, & Regulations and how to use them to our advantage...
  • How to Build a Freelance Business by starting as an Amazon VA Seller...
  • Personal Finance Basics for Amazon VAs: How to hit your income goals, pay your debts, and retire financially free...
  • Time Management for Work-at-Home Parents: How to stay insanely productive despite the glaring distractions in your home...
  • Social Media Optimization Best Practices: How to turn your social media profiles into "business cards" so you attract clients and like-minded freelancers.
  • How to Build a Portfolio Website that Wows Your Potential Clients...
I know knowledge and practical advice is not enough to succeed. You also need to be around encouraging and supportive people… you can endure the ups and downs of your Amazon VA journey.

Like what the African Proverb said:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go farther, go together.”

That’s why we’ve added this to the program as well:


12 Month Support via Email and ASVA Community

We create a community of like-minded Filipinos who want to thrive as Amazon Seller VAs.
  • Get your questions answered by experienced Amazon VAs and Amazon FBA Sellers...
  • Watch what other successful Amazon Seller VAs to get wins, results, and clients...
  • Join exclusive meet-ups, gatherings, and masterminds organized by the AmazoNation PH team...
  • Resume/CV tips, tricks, and hacks other Amazon VAs have applied (PLUS, new ways to get and attract clients)...
  • Get free consults from me via email. You'll get my personal email address and ask me anything and get a reply...
  • Want to level-up and become an Amazon FBA Seller like me? You can ask me how to use your skills as an Amazon VA to transition into Amazon Selling...
This is just the start.

If you want to gain MASSIVE RESULTS in MINIMUM TIME, then you’ll definitely love what you’ll get next.

You’ll get unmatched guidance, world-class training, and accountability once you receive...


Exclusive 1-on-1 Calls with an Experienced Amazon
Seller VA Coach & Mastermind Sessions

You’ll receive four one-on-one coaching calls. Each call will last anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes.

You can ask questions, advice, or even feedback if you did a task correctly or not.

You’ll also receive homeworks after finishing each module. Your coach will check your work, give you feedback, and show you how significantly improve your skills as an Amazon VA.

This is the BEST WAY to cement all the training you’ve received and apply what you know.

Not only that but you will also receive two mastermind sessions with all coaches and other elite students so you can learn from others as well.

At the end of the 4 coaching calls and 2 mastermind sessions, you'll have a portfolio, CV and Resume ready for getting clients

Speaking of CV…

The coach will also constantly…


Review Your Online Portfolio, CV, and
Resume for the Entire Program Duration


This is only for Filipinos who are SERIOUS about finding a Virtual Assistant fast.

This is NOT for you if…

  • You consider this as a “quick fix” and want a job within 24 hours of accessing the program…
  • You’re not willing to put in the time to use the methods I share to get a VA job…
  • You want me to give you a VA job instead of relying on your own effort, intelligence and skill to make this work…

To Make This the Easiest Decision You'll Make...
I Want to Give You Four Bonuses If You Join
ASVA Masterclass Today!


How to Write Stellar Resume (Worth ₱1,999)

This is a fill-in-the-blanks template I used to get jobs while I was still an Amazon VA. Now, I want to give it to you. Simply plug in a little bit of info and you're ready to send this to business owners.


How to Ace Your Job Interviews Like a Pro (Worth ₱1,499)

Learn the steps on how answers the questions right and smart during your interviews making you a real runner up on the hiring list. Warning: this is only for Amazon VAs. This won't work for any other type of freelance work. You'll understand why when you read it.


Exclusive Access to Popular Agencies Where You Can Find High-Quality, High-Paying VA Jobs

You'll have access to a list of online job platforms where clients are willing to pay a higher rate than the usual market price. The best part? Some of these platforms aren't well known yet. So they aren't filled with VAs who will accept any job.


How To Find Hidden VA Opportunities by Miguel Campaner (Worth ₱10,000)

In this 1-hour training, you'll discover different ways to find Amazon VA job postings and clients outside of freelancing platforms.
You'll discover where to hang out on Facebook to network with Amazon Sellers, how to approach them and potentially get them as clients (or ask them to give you referrals).

And if you think, we’ll stop with these 4 bonuses… then you’re in for a treat!

Let’s face it.

Having the right skills and know-how aren’t enough to become a successful Amazon VA.

After all, you only get paid after you close a deal with a client.

And the cold hard truth is that most Filipinos have no idea about selling their services to prospective clients.

This became more evident after the pandemic hit, pushing more people to consider work from home opportunities.

Competition was tighter & fiercer than ever.

If there are 100 candidates applying for the same position, how do you even stand a chance to get noticed... let alone stand out from the crowd?

Out of desperation, some have resorted to charging as low as $2/hr just to secure the offer.

But here in Amazonation, we believe that your services are worth more than that.

For the last 3 years since I started offering the ASVA Masterclass…

My team and I have constantly sought ways to better equip our students with everything they need to thrive in this industry.

And this 2021, we have finally found the ultimate solution to help you overcome your fears, doubts, and anxiety…

When connecting with prospects…

In dealing with client objections, and…

In answering experience-related questions!


The Art of Seduction Mastery Course by Coach Sariah Guanzon-Ordinario

The newest addition to our program which teaches a step-by-step method for attracting your ideal prospects and turning them into premium clients.

It works so well that striking a conversation with prospects won’t feel like a chore anymore…

And you’ll see that you can actually build a sustainable and profitable freelance business by simply “being yourself.”

You may have heard elsewhere this “fake it until you make it” advice that can help you earn a living.

That’s for sure.

But it’s your AUTHENTICITY that will make you a fortune.

Outside, you can purchase Coach Sariah’s course sold at Php 11,997

But if you enroll in the ASVA Masterclass, you’ll also get full access to the Art of Seduction Mastery Course for FREE!

Yup! You’re seeing it correctly.

It’s 2 for the price of 1!

And that’s not even the best part...

Coz you see, I commissioned Coach Sariah to create a new program exclusive to ASVA students only.

It means that the frameworks and video tutorials have been tailored to address the challenges faced by every aspiring Amazon virtual assistant.

Ready to become a client-magnet? You know what to do.

"How Much Does This All Cost?"

Well, I'm glad you asked...

...because if you sum up everything:

  • Core Training #1 - 12 Month Access to the Premium Amazon Seller VA Training
  • Core Training #2 - One Year Access to Monthly  Webinar Training
  • Core Training #3 - 12 Month Support via Email and ASVA Community
  • Core Training #4 - Exclusive 1-on-1 Calls with an Experienced Amazon Seller VA Coach & Mastermind Sessions
  • Core Training #5 - Review Your Online Portfolio, CV, and Resume for the Entire Program Duration
  • BONUS #1: How To Find Hidden VA Opportunities by Miguel Campaner (Worth ₱10,000)
  • BONUS #2: How to Write a Stellar Resume (Worth ₱1,999)
  • BONUS #3: How to Ace Your Job Interviews Like a Pro (Worth ₱1,499)
  • BONUS #4: Exclusive Access to Popular Agencies Where You Can Find High-Quality, High-Paying VA Jobs
  • BONUS #5: Art Of Seduction Mastery Course (Worth 11,997)

The Total Cost is ₱90,495

(Don't worry, you won't have to pay this much)

Before I reveal the REAL PRICE, I want to ask you something real quick...

Do You Focus on Cost or Results?

Most Filipinos will ONLY look at the ₱90,495 price tag instead of the RESULTS they're going to get.

Which is unfortunate...

They aren't willing to pay ₱90,495 for an 4-week accelerated course (PLUS months of additional coaching) on how to get a ₱40,000/month or ₱50,000/month job.

I mean...

What is it worth to you to 2X, 5X, 10X your earnings?

What is it worth to you to learn how to work from home?

What is it worth to you have a flexible work schedule so you can be with your family anytime, anywhere?

Is it worth ₱90,495?

Maybe ₱90,000?

Or ₱75,000?

Don't worry. As I mentioned earlier, you won't pay that much.

You won't even pay ₱50,000 or ₱25,000 for 4 weeks of Coaching (complete with tools, hands-on supervision, and even a testimonial if you do a good job)...

You’ll only pay P22,897 for the FULL ACCESS to all trainings and bonuses.



₱ 22,897

Once you choose ASVA Masterclass ELITE,

here's what you'll get

Core Training #1: 12 Month Access to the Premium Amazon Seller VA Training

Core Training #2: One Year Access to Monthly  Webinar Training

Core Training #3: 12 Month Support via Email and ASVA Community

Core Training #4: Four (4) Exclusive 1-on-1 Calls with an Experienced Amazon Seller VA Coach & Two (2) Mastermind Sessions

Core Training #5: Review Your Online Portfolio, CV, and Resume for the Entire Program Duration

Bonus #1: How to Write a Stellar Resume

Bonus #2: How to Ace Your Job Interviews Like a Pro

Bonus #3: Exclusive Access To Popular Agencies Where You Can Find High-Quality, High-Paying VA Jobs

Bonus #4: How To Find Hidden VA Opportunities by Miguel Campaner (Worth ₱10,000)

Bonus #5: Art Of Seduction Mastery Course (Worth ₱11,997)

-- SOLD OUT --


₱ 14,897

Once you choose ASVA Masterclass ADVANCED,

here's what you'll get

Core Training #1: 12 Month Access to the Premium Amazon Seller VA Training

Core Training #2: One Year Access to Monthly  Webinar Training

Core Training #3: 12 Month Support via Email and ASVA Community

Core Training #4: Four (4) Exclusive 1-on-1 Calls with an Experienced Amazon Seller VA Coach & Two (2) Mastermind Sessions

Core Training #5: Review Your Online Portfolio, CV, and Resume for the Entire Program Duration

Bonus #1: How to Write a Stellar Resume

Bonus #2: How to Ace Your Job Interviews Like a Pro

Bonus #3: Exclusive Access To Popular Agencies Where You Can Find High-Quality, High-Paying VA Jobs

Bonus #4: How To Find Hidden VA Opportunities by Miguel Campaner (Worth ₱10,000)

Bonus #5: Art Of Seduction Mastery Course (Worth ₱11,997)


₱ 51,897

Once you choose the BARKADA BUNDLE

here's what you'll get

Core Training #1: 12 Month Access to the Premium Amazon Seller VA Training

Core Training #2: One Year Access to Monthly  Webinar Training

Core Training #3: 12 Month Support via Email and ASVA Community

Core Training #4: Four (4) Exclusive 1-on-1 Calls with an Experienced Amazon Seller VA Coach & Two (2) Mastermind Sessions

Core Training #5: Review Your Online Portfolio, CV, and Resume for the Entire Program Duration

Bonus #1: How to Write a Stellar Resume

Bonus #2: How to Ace Your Job Interviews Like a Pro

Bonus #3: Exclusive Access To Popular Agencies Where You Can Find High-Quality, High-Paying VA Jobs

Bonus #4: How To Find Hidden VA Opportunities by Miguel Campaner (Worth ₱10,000)

Bonus #5: Art Of Seduction Mastery Course (Worth ₱11,997)

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