Amazon Seller VA Masterclass – Elite Upgrade


Here are the available coaching schedule:

  • Morning (10am-12pm )
  • Afternoon (1-5pm)
  • Evening (7-11pm)

We DO NOT provide LIVE classes as this course was designed with PRE-RECORDED lessons so that you are able to STUDY AT YOUR OWN PACE.

With Elite membership, there will be a Coach assigned to you where you will meet up virtually DEPENDING on your chosen schedule from the enrollment form (morning, afternoon, evening).

This year, we’re excited to introduce to you the… Power of 8 Coaching.

If you avail the Elite Student Package, you’ll receive:

  • 3x Mastermind Sessions
  • 2x Accountant Calls, and
  • 3x One-on-One Coaching Calls

Coaching call will last anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes.

You can ask questions advice or even feedback if you did a task correctly or not.

Your Coach will send you a welcome email on AUGUST 5, 2022 with all the instructions and information that you need. You will need to submit the required assignments as that will be the basis of your discussion with your Coach.

To schedule your coaching sessions, you will need to book them using the Calendly tool which is emailed to you by your Coach. Usually, the one-on-one sessions will take about 1 hr and the mastermind or group sessions will take about 2-3hrs.

Good luck and all the best on your VA journey


Reminder: After you make a payment, you cannot change the selected coaching schedule or transfer to another batch.