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AmazoNation has helped 16,358 Filipinos move closer to their dreams of gaining time and financial freedom.

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If you dream of generating more income enough to enjoy a lifestyle you didn’t know you could experience...

If you want to start enjoying more time with family without the need to be away every single day...

If you want to follow your greatest passion without having to worry about financial boundaries...


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 And if you believe you deserve a life without limits…

A life where money and time are no longer a problem…so you’ll be able to focus on the more important things in life like:


Taking care of your family


Raising your kids and witnessing their milestones


Retiring early together with your spouse


Helping more people — your friends, family and your community


Giving back to your church, a charity or foundation, a good cause.….

 Then, you’ve come to the right place.

We want to help you increase your chances of thriving on Amazon — whether as an Amazon VA expert or a profitable Amazon business owner.

The Leader Behind The Nation

Lish Aquino, the Amazon Queen of the Philippines, is the Founder of AmazoNation. She is a coach and expert to hundreds of Filipino Amazon Sellers and virtual assistants, both here and abroad.

She started as an Amazon seller VA earning P100K per month and moved her way to become a highly successful Amazon seller and trainer today. To date, her Amazon business is consistently earning $5 million in gross revenue selling 45+ products worldwide. This business opened her mind to witness all the secrets of the eCommerce Amazon trade.

And because of that, it became her mission to help more Filipinos turn their path in working from home as part of AmazoNation FAMily — A Nation that dominates the largest retail empire while creating a lifestyle of success and freedom.

To date, her programs helped 508 Amazon Seller VA’s and 410 Amazon Sellers in dominating Jeff Bezos business empire.

"I started this Nation because I realized that no one here in the Philippines initiates on maximizing the talent and potential of Filipinos especially those who want to sell products and services. We're doing all these for the Land, the Least and the Lost”.

For the Land, the Least, and the Lost

Filipino Community

We’re doing this for our Land — the Philippines.

By training more Amazon FBA Sellers, we can create more job opportunities for Filipinos. More opportunities = More income for our homeland. Not only that, we also want to level our nation when it comes to the Amazon playing field and excels as a thriving part of Jeff Bezos’s business empire today and in the years to come.

We want to help the least — Filipinos who want to enroll in Amazon courses without breaking the bank.

Since international Amazon courses are in the 6-figure bracket, we build AmazoNation to make courses accessible to all Filipinos who want to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, earn more income, and finally break their golden shackles of employment. Not just for them, but for their parents, family, and future.

Time and Freedom
Opportunity Online

Finally, we want to guide the lost — Filipinos who want to sell on Amazon but don’t know ‘how’.

Filipinos with the entrepreneurial spirit, but haven’t reached their goals yet. Our programs are designed to make learning straightforward, easy, and fun. Aside from our comprehensive curriculum, we also have a strong community of like-minded people (just like you) who want to experience building their own business and transforming their lives in the process. Not only that, our experienced, dedicated coaches are also ready and equipped to guide on your journey towards your Amazon success. In short, we make sure our FAMily will never feel alone. Nobody will be left behind.

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Negosyo University CEO

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